Two Heads, Same Vision

Rise & Nye's

Beaver Shriver

Co-Founder, Rise & Nye's

The Shriver family has always been dedicated to serving and giving to others, and Beaver Shriver has continued the tradition by giving his time and financial support to many organizations, particularly those that champion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities including Inclusion Revolution, Shriver Education for the Arts, Big Magic Studios,Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Miracle League, Push2Inspire, Care2Tri, The Tuesday Social Club, and others.

Beaver thrives on “being in the thick of it,” and Rise & Nye's is a perfect way for him to be "hands on" and help make a dent in the inexcusable 80% unemployment rate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"We are here but for a short time. Roll up your sleeves and GIVE."

~ Beaver Shriver

Christian Nye

Co-Founder, Rise & Nye's

Christian Nye has always appreciated the art and science of cooking. After studying at the renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, he worked as an executive chef for 16 years, guiding the epicurean vision of hotels, resorts and private country clubs. He even had the privilege of cooking for a couple of U.S. presidents.

But it was his role as a family man that inspired his company, Nye’s Cream Sandwiches. When Christian’s homemade, hand-scooped creations were a massive hit among his son’s classmates, Christian began personally developing recipes and sharing these gourmet ice cream sandwiches with the world.

We know you’ll be happy about that decision.

"I am thrilled to share my love of creating in the kitchen with my amazing baker assistants."

~ Christian Nye



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